We often get so stuck into daily life that we forget to consider what it is we really want for ourselves.

    Do you have ideas, dreams and intentions that you never really time time for?

    Join me on a one day retreat aimed at busy people, like you, who need time and space to pause, and slow down.


    You may be in a state of transition in your life, whether personal or career-wise. Are you going through major changes, considering alternative career options, setting up a new business or simply need an excuse to take a break?


    The day will be deep, reflective, fun and creative.





    It's one day that makes a big impact.


    "I didn't realise how much I needed the Instant Pause until I attended the workshop... It was so lovely to take time to express myself and explore how I'm feeling and what I desire for the future. There was a great comfort in doing this in a group as I learned that there are so many people going through the same thing, and we all gave eachother space to express ourselves"​ Mariam, London


    "The Instant Pause created a safe space for a day of simplicity, connection and reflection. We had the opportunity to look back at the past year to see what we could learn, and then look forward to see what we wanted. All done in a funky venue, with lots of nourishing tea and supported by a wonderful coach, Nicola. This day is perfect if you want to treat yourself and take the time to grow, in whichever way you please" Faye, London


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    Review your year


    The Instant Pause is structured around two main exercises. In the morning there is an exercise

    that helps you to look back and review your year.

    Envision your year ahead


    In the afternoon another exercise allows you to

    look forward and set your intention and vision for your year ahead.

    Read Annabel's review

    By Annabel Daly, attend The Instant Pause in July 2016

    "Step off the conveyer belt, have some time for you, away from the craziness of your day to day. Spend your day in your own retreat with a few other people on their journeys and let Nix guide you gently through a day of creativity, exploration and discovery. You will come away feeling refreshed and reenergised and it will feel literally as if time has stood still for those few hours." Full review here



    The Instant Pause helps you look back in order to move forward

    Where & when

    Sat, 3rd of March 2018 in London tbc

    10am - 6pm

    Where would you like to have an Instant Pause?


    You can also book me to run an Instant Pause

    world-wide for a group of friends or team.



    What does it cost

    129 GBP


    Costs include:

    - 1 day workshop

    - Lunch

    - Refreshments


    Cancellation policy:

    Your place is confirmed when full payment has been received. There are no refunds for this workshop, however if your cancellation is more than four weeks in advance, you may transfer to the next available Instant Pause.




    Interested in making an impact on your life?

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    Join Nicola Moss

    Transition Coach, Traveller & Tribebuilder, Communications Consultant

    About Me

    Life today is busy. And it feels its getting faster by the minute


    The daily challenge of juggling work and daily routine leads to postpone taking care of what is most important: YOU


    Through coaching, workshops and retreats I create space for you in your busy life to slow down and breathe again.


    Originally from Wales, growing up as a third culture kid in Germany, attending an international school with children from nearly 50 nations, I‘ve been fascinated by people, their cultures and communication from a very young age. I've learned the beauty and power of communication with so many fascinating individuals - whether CEO, Tribe Chief, team members or creative spirit - each in their own language, figuratively speaking. By watching and listening. My curiosity and love of non-verbal as well as verbal communication is never-ending.


    I've been on a long journey of slowing down, re-evaluating life, inner healing, getting the mind chatter under control, and reconnecting with myself. In the past I attempted change alone multiple times and failed. Only when I opened myself up to the fears and challenges ahead and reached out for support did the real transition kick in. It's been a physical and mental journey which has taken many turnings and has ultimately lead to me following and combining my love for coaching, communication, travel & adventure, and community.


    I qualified at CTI as a Co-Active Coach, Firework Career Coach at Firework & Careershifters and as a systemic coach at Coaching Constellations and am constantly working with inspirational and experienced master coaches, attending workshops to deepen my knowledge. Learning and transition will accompany me the rest of my life, every step of the way. I strongly believe in trusting the process.


    For further info on coaching and retreats please check my website

    Why The Instant Pause is so special to me

    I attended The Instant Pause founded by Danielle Marchant during a major transition of my own - from working as a marketing and communications consultant in the advertising industry to building my coaching business. It was at a time when I was overwhelmed by the intentions I had set for myself and needed to slow down to gain clarity of where I was at that moment and where I was heading.

    The Instant Pause is a simple yet powerful process that initially helped me review and embrace the steps I had already taken as well as see what was possible in future more clearly.

    It’s a valuable process that I now repeat if I’m at crossroads and seeking direction as well as setting intentions for a new year ahead.


    I'd love to welcome YOU to The Instant Pause.


    Thank you Danielle for creating the Pause Retreats x